Cotton Candy Grapes… WHAT?!


So I was at Central Market yesterday and there was one of those sample stands up with some grapes.  I’m a big fan of free samples so I took one, expecting to taste a normal green grape, like the ones in my refrigerator… boy was I wrong. WOW. As soon as I tasted it, I looked at the sign to see what exactly I was eating and it read “Cotton Candy Grapes.” I promise you, they actually taste like cotton candy.

Once I got home I had to find out what they were all about so I did a google search and found that they’re pretty new. Time posted an article about them just about a week ago.  (Here.) Apparently it is the accident child of meticulous plant breeding. Thank you to the combination of science and nature.

Unfortunately, I didn’t check the price on them but the article states that they are pretty pricey.  About $5-$10 a pound, depending on where you are. I’d say it’s pretty worth it to feed that sweet tooth craving with this healthy raw fruit rather than the pure sugar alternative.


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