Marathon Training


I mentioned in my last post that my husband and I are training for a marathon. It’s true.

I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself whether it be changing my diet from vegetarian to vegan, doing a raw food challenge, or a 60 day yoga challenge.

Well, the first time we moved to Austin I was sitting on my computer and decided to search for marathon training/a marathon coming up. I found both. I texted Chris and mentioned the idea to him and I knew he would be 110% for it, being the workout fiend that he is. So we decided on the Austin Marathon in February of 2011. As for the training, I mostly found a bunch you had to pay for but then stumbled upon Hal Higdon’s Training Program! We started the training soon after but it was only September and training didn’t need to start until October. Neither of us are runners by any means and weren’t the best at sticking to the training as much as we should have. Since we started the training before the 18 weeks the program gives you, we let that be an excuse to skip some weeks until we caught up to where we had to run every week. We also joined a running group through the running store Chris was working at. (Texas Running Company) We’d do our weekend long runs with them which was nice… It allowed us to have water along our course and gave us a little running family.

The great part about training for our first marathon is that every long run was super exciting because it was the most we had ever ran! About three weeks before the marathon we hit our longest distance in our training of 20 miles and after that we felt like we had accomplished what we were supposed to and mentally kinda checked out. The next three weeks leading up to the marathon we didn’t really run at all… That was a mistake. A big mistake.

The marathon was “the most excruciating experience of my life” as I stated afterwards. We made it about half way, where my family was waiting to cheer us on, and the rest wasn’t the greatest. We had to walk a bit in the second half and my legs felt like my next step could have been my last. About a mile from the finish line my parents came and found us and encouraged us to run the rest of the way because we were so close.. It wasn’t as easy as that sounded. Finally we made it.. somewhere over six hours later. I told myself, and others, my running days were over.

Now, two years later, we’re back! My husband brought up doing the Austin Marathon again and I agreed to give it another go. There’s nowhere to go but up from last time! The night registration opened, we signed up to make sure we stick with it. I guess that put me in the running mood because I searched for other marathons near by that we could do and found the Ft Worth Marathon and The Woodlands Marathon. We decided to go for all three and hope for the best. The Ft Worth one is November 10th, Austin is February 16th, and The Woodlands is March 1st. GULP! We might be out of our minds but how else are we going to know if we don’t just go for it?

So far, we’ve been on track with training for Ft Worth and everything was fine and dandy until this last week when my foot started hurting. I was super worried that I wouldn’t be able to run for a while but I tried yesterday for our 12 mile run and realized trying not to put any pressure on it while running is a lot of work! A lot more work than running normally. Plus I was getting sick and dealing with another feminine problem, none of which help with energy levels. I made it about 5.5 miles before I realized it wasn’t going to happen for me. Chris went on without me and I walked home, drank some coconut water, and hit the treadmill to see how that would fare. I walked for 10 minutes until I decided to give running another go and miraculously my foot felt fine! I ran another 5 miles and called it quits, counting the walking distances towards my end goal as well. Somehow my foot went from not being able to walk on it very well and hurting going up and down stairs to not hurting at all today. (Except my calf is suuuuper sore! But the good kind of muscle hurt not an injury pain.)

This weekend we are supposed to run a half marathon and as much as I would love to actually run a half marathon, we’ll be out of town and I don’t want to waste precious time driving to and from another city when I could use it with friends and family. Therefore, we’ll just be running the 13.1 miles on our own. Hopefully all goes well this time!


4 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. Good luck! I’m not a runner but I started running this year, and was quite proud of myself when I managed to run for twenty minutes without stopping! I can’t imagine running a half-marathon! You sound like you’ve put the hard work in though. Total respect for you : )

    • Thank you! It’s a good feeling to be working towards something that’s doing my body good at the same time! I was just talking to my husband about our 13.1 mile run tomorrow and realized that’s running for a little over 2 hours straight.. That makes it sound so much less pleasing. Hahaha. I’m definitely not a “runner” and don’t even enjoy running like some people do so if I can do it ANYONE can! Before training for our first marathon the most I had ran was a 5k and I thought that was excruciating. Haha. Do you plan on trying a marathon sometime??

      • Are you kidding?! I’ve only ever managed 20 minutes! My knees started playing up around then and I gave up for the winter. Now we’re coming into spring I want to start again, but my first goal is to get back to running for 20 minutes! After that, I think I’ll be focusing on 5 minute intervals. Maybe one day I’ll consider a 5k run – probably nothing further than that!

        Running for two hours… wow!

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